A Life Lived in Comics Day 25: MIND into Matter


Exciting day Tuesday. Still getting over being sick; left early Monday, came in late today. Arrived to think I must have a leak in my office because a trash can was on my desk, but it turned out to just be that the carpets had been vacuumed. But once I get everything back where it’s supposed to be, the other thing on my desk is revealed: advance copies of both the regular version of MIND MGMT #1 and the Gilbert Hernandez variant cover. There they are above, as well as a copy opened up to show how it looks on the inside, though readers who picked up the 3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man one-shot will already know. I originally took this photo to send to Matt and his agent, but it made sense to show here as well.

I’m biased, but it’s a hell of a first issue, with a great main character, tons of wacky ideas, great design and bonuses, and a killer final caption that lets readers know this series is different even from anything else out there.

It was a half day, so not surprisingly I got about half a normal day’s worth of stuff done. One thing was taking a crack at my first MIND MGMT letters column. I convinced Matt to do the one for issue #1 so he could write up his mission statement for the series, but from here on its me. Tougher than others I’ve had to do, both because those had established tones (though I slowly adapted them to fit me better) and because Matt is including extra stories on the inside front and inside back covers, meaning that there is only half a page for the letters column. I don’t know about you, but even though I like letters columns, I’d happily trade half of one for extra comics, but it does mean fitting everything into 500 words. Eventually came up with a hello that I like, fit in one of the advance letters Matt solicited, and found room for a shout-out to the upcoming conclusion of Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth.

Also of MIND MGMT note this week is the second of our free promo stories, coming out weekly until the first issue debuts. And that’s it for today. Not a whole lot else went on, and sickness has me falling behind. But, seriously, free MIND MGMT—what else could one want?

Next:  That time I went to the Tezuka museum.

Why’m I doing this again?


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