A Life Lived in Comics Day 17: Burnout


So we can’t love something all the time. Part of it is likely keeping this blog so much more regular than usual, part is undoubtedly some rougher aspects of the last few weeks that fall outside of the blog’s purview, and a chunk of it is naturally part of the waves and crests that come with anything that is a constant presence in one’s life.

I wrote in the previous entry of avoiding looking for work in comics for some time because of a fear that making my hobby my work might make it more difficult to enjoy. I was right, though not all the time. But there are periods when I feel that 40 hours a week is enough, and thinking about comics any of the rest of the time is no fun. This is only natural. My Stumptown entry from a few days ago was mostly concerned with my history with the show, so there wasn’t really space to get into this, but I had a less than great time.

I loved the parties, and I had a wonderful time as usual meeting and catching up with people at the show itself, but I found myself pretty uninterested when I walked the floor. I had no money to spend and wanted to avoid the inevitable sales pitch when I lingered at tables, so I didn’t encounter much new stuff. This is my failing, not the exhibitors’. Hopefully someone else discovered the next great artist at the show, because I have no doubt they were there; I just wasn’t in any shape to spot them. I saw enough during the few hours I was there Saturday and returned briefly Sunday only to take pictures, but once I was out there I actually forgot to do so, a Wright Opinion tradition, hence only the one photo in my con entry (though having only managed to get one, me and Stan Sakai at the Dark Horse booth was the one to get).

I got a good deal done today, and even feel all right about some of the training I provided, but tired from the weekend and no less burnt out than the day before, today felt pretty much like a job, jamming out copy and inching forward on a few things.

So I’m passing today. No big deal. What I do is still great, just not feeling it today. And that’s maybe a valuable point to make in this month of comics as well. It’s not fun everyday, but you have to bring it those days too. Still, blog-wise, I got nothing.

Why’m I doing this, again?


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