All You Need to Know: Batman: The Abduction


Deep into a comics (and other things) purge, I’ve hit the longbox with all the Batman comics I bought in the ’90s. Back then, DC published a lot of those squarebound Prestige Format comics at $5 and $6 a pop, and judging from what I found in the box, teenaged me must have bought all of them that said “Batman” on the cover. A handful still look interesting, most forgettable, and a few cringeworthy, but it’s safe to say I’ve outgrown virtually all of them. Fortunately, Powell’s is happy to take these, as they cost them virtually nothing, take up barely any space and are probably appealing impulse buys at the used price.

So most of them are gone now, a few held back to go to specific people or be bundled in “Batman crossover”-style auctions, and just a few are sticking with me long enough to give them a curious reread before they ultimately end up in one of the above locations. One such is Batman: The Abduction, likely produced to cash in on the X-Files movie which came out the same year, 1998, and today an irresistible post-Rapture flip-though. It’s a weird comic, to be sure, and clearly a product of its time. Also, interesting to note, despite the subject matter and same timeframe as The Invisibles, it was not written by Grant Morrison, but it does appear to have him in it.

This has probably been done before, but not by me, so here’s a new feature that I may do again someday: the image-only review. You’ll get a sense of what I thought of the comic from the following selected panels. In any case, it’s all you need to know about Batman: The Abduction, coming soon to a Powell’s used section near you. All images © DC Comics, naturally.

Batman: The Abduction
DC Comics – paperback, $5.95
By Alan Grant, Norm Breyfogle & James A. Hodgkins


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