Free Comic Book Day part 7: Things From Another World


The bus schedule not in my favor, I followed a whim back down Sandy Blvd. to the Things From Another World. A chain (and sister company to Dark Horse), there are three Things stores in the Portland area, and the one in the Hollywood district is just about a dozen blocks west of Cosmic Monkey.

From a block away, the sidewalk sign was visible, with balloons on it. I don’t know if they’re normally there, but considering the other FCBD decorations, I assume they were specific to the day. Of the three stores I visited yesterday, Things was the only one that prominently advertised Free Comic Book Day in its storefront. As good as the setups were inside Floating World and Cosmic Monkey, it would have been easy to walk by without realizing there was anything special about the day. If the Hollywood store was anything like my Wednesday store, the Milwaukie Things branch, then the banners had been in the window at least a week before the actual day.

Inside, the FCBD comics had run out. Store manager Aaron Duran told me that he had ordered four times as many as the previous year, and they had nonetheless run out by 2:30 thanks to a steady stream of interest that begin with a line outside the store before it opened at 9:00. There was, however, still a table in the back piled with trades and hardcovers at 60% off (last year I used that sale to snag an Usagi Yojimbo limited hardcover, but this year I was feeling tapped out from my two other store visits, and as my Wednesday store, Things is not exactly hurting for my money).

Like at Cosmic Monkey, the signings weren’t directly related to the FCBD comics but were more of a value-added extra attraction. On hand when I came in were David Hahn, Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett, Steve Lieber and Dustin Weaver. Guinan and Bennett had just arrived, but everyone else reported a busy day.

Stored out, I caught a train back to downtown and resumed my reading.


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