Free Comic Book Day part 6: Cosmic Monkey Comics


Time for store two!

Just like I had noticed a guy with a bag of comics at the Tea Zone, my bus ride from downtown to NE Sandy Blvd. provided a look at some more comics fans in the wild. Some were, like me, on their way to Cosmic Monkey Comics on 53rd Ave., while others got on around 42nd Ave., having just left the Sandy Blvd. Things From Another World store. While reading Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers, I listened in to them comparing notes on what comics they were anticipating. Then it was time to get out.

Cosmic Monkey’s a different kind of store than Floating World, though also a great one. Where Floating World has a bit more of a feel of being curated, Cosmic Monkey attempts to have everything and does a pretty good job of it. It’s also a much larger space, and the space was used today to set up a few separate displays and make room for artists signing at tables. Before looking checking out the comics, I spent a few minutes chatting with Shannon Wheeler, who was signing his newly Eisner-nominated book, I Though You Would Be Funnier, about the publicity boon that the book being mistakenly left off the online Eisner ballot provided and about some of his upcoming books from various publishers.

The wares on offer included FCBD titles from previous years, as well as an assortment of other overstock items. There was a table that appeared to be general stuff and another that was exclusively all-ages material. At the general table I picked up a Fantagraphics-distributed anthology from 1989 called Fox Comics Special, while the kids’ comics table revealed Kaktus Valley #1, a Fanta anthology from 1990. My paid-for-it acquisition was Julia Wertz’s The Fart Party volume 2; I had picked up the first volume from her at Stumptown, loved it, and had been eager to get my hands on the second.


Like at Floating World, store owners Adam Healy and Andy Johnson reported lots of business, and I saw several more kids than I normally do at the store.

Tomorrow: A special bonus store visit, plus more comics impressions!


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