Free Comic Book Day part 4: Leave Comics in Public Day?


Returned to Floating World to get some photos. It was 3:00, and several more of the comics had run out. Leivian told me that the store had already done better business than on an average Wednesday, though he was relieved things had slowed down a bit so he could get lunch.

While snapping photos, I returned a few of the comics I’d already read, which reminded me of something Leivian had talked about on my first visit, an idea he had for a day when comics fans would leave comics in public places like bus stations en masse and then either leave them for new readers to discover or scavenger hunt themselves for comics left by others. This being Portland, he’ll have to wait for less rainy months, which are few. It’s a great idea, though, and perfectly aligns with my own recent efforts to reduce my comics clutter by donation, eBay and, yep, selecting new-reader-friendly comics to leave on buses and in coffee shops. Hope it works out, and sign me up!

While in the store, I also checked out the pages from Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Gingerbread Girl hanging on the gallery wall, still there from Thursday’s book release party. I skipped that event, since I had bought the book from Tobin and Coover at last month’s Stumptown Comics Fest, but it was great to get a chance to peer at the originals. I can’t recommend Gingerbread Girl enough—the preview on is fun, but the book gets even better, funny and more nuanced, as it goes along, toward a really touching end that leaves a lot of questions but still has a nice sense of closure. Naturally, Coover’s playful, simple yet sexy art (selections from her LSFW—less safe for work—Small Favors were also on display) is also much of the charm, making each character lively and relatable, even as they explain the book’s offbeat premise.

Sales are also a common part of the FCBD setup, and Floating World’s special of the day was a free dollar comic for each dollar spent today. Three issues of Papercutter entitled me to $10 of dollar comics, but there were plenty of others who wanted something and I’m in the midst of a purge anyway, so I walked away with just three, Tim Seeley’s Ant Man and Wasp #1–#3.

Earlier screwup corrected, off to the next store!


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