Free Comic Book Day part 1: Tea and Disclaimers


Last year for Free Comic Book Day I visited two comics stores and reviewed 14 of the comics. This year the plan is to once again visit two stores—one down, one to go, and exceed last year’s review count.

Having already started the day at downtown Portland’s Floating World Comics, it’s time for round one. I’m relaxing over tea and croissants at the Tea Zone in Portland’s Pearl District, much more crowded than normal on a Saturday morning, as it’s hosting both Mother’s Day high tea and a walking tour. Readers in Portland: this is a great place, with an amazing tea selection and delicious Sunday brunch, especially the eggs Benedict, which uses organic spinach and bacon and homemade Hollandaise sauce. Not that I mind never having to wait for a seat, but it always surprises me to not see it packed Sunday afternoons. But I digress . . .

Different from last year: this will be several entries throughout the day and probably tomorrow. Same as last year, gonna tear through the comics and write quick first impressions. I’ll be passing on the Dark Horse offerings, conflict of interest and all (actually read, or rather proofread, these months ago), and this year I’m adding the pair of Archie freebies, as I now work with them too, on DH’s Archie Archives line. I’m sure they are all worth your time, though!

So, threetwo1 go!


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