Brand New Day


I ADMIT, not a lot of reviews lately. Part of that is a lack of time, between work and class and a few other things. Part is probably laziness.

But something else was also a big part of it: Today was my first day as an assistant editor at Dark Horse. Continuing to write reviews was deemed a conflict of interests, so that phase of The Wright Opinion is wrapped up for the foreseeable future.

I’m not sure what to do with the site next; I’ll eventually have to find out what else exactly I can do related to comics and what I’m interested in doing. For instance, the interviews will probably continue once I’m back up to speed. (While I am a loyal reader, I don’t know if doing something like Inside Out is for me.) On the other hand, maybe movie reviews.

I have no idea how big a role, if they had much of one at all, the reviews I wrote here had on my efforts to get a job in comics. I can say that job-hunting was not the only reason I wrote them (more than once I applied for a job at a publisher right before or after putting up a negative review of one of their books) and I’ll miss doing it.

I did this for just about exactly a year, and in that time, there were a few surprises and highlights:

  • The Comics Reporter announcing, “Brendan Wright Launches Blog” as though I were someone people should have heard of.
  • Knowing I was doing something right when the Newsarama board complained that I was in the bag for Brian Michael Bendis in my interview with him, while the Bendis Board charged that I was too hard on him. (Also, the interview being reprinted in full in Powers.)
  • Being the only non-industry or journalism professional quoted at length in Newsarama’s roundup of reactions to the sad and untimely death of Steve Gerber. (To say I was pleased wouldn’t be accurate under the circumstances, but I loved Gerber’s work, so it was an honor.)
  • My girlfriend, the classy and talented Akiyo Horiguchi, lending her X-Files expertise for a review of the new comic.
  • Meeting readers. It only happened a few times, but each of them was a shock.

I’ll be back with something eventually. Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Brand New Day”

  1. Career Moves | ComicsCareer.Com Says:

    […] Brendan Wright has joined Dark Horse Comics as an assistant […]

  2. JM Ringuet Says:

    Congrats Brendan!

    Hope you keep everybody posted on life at Dark Horse and what happens there.

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