Unexplained Absence… and Things to Come!



After a friend in comics mentioned that I hadn’t put anything up in awhile, it occurs to me that I should at least do a status report… Haven’t actually read a lot of comics lately (except for catching up on Usagi Yojimbo in anticipation of Stan Sakai attending the next Portland Comic Book Show, but no one needs me to tell them how good that is).

Boring scheduling issues aside, I’ve––shockingly––been reading a bunch of novels that had stacked up on my bedside table. One of them actually has a comics connection, though, so look for a book review soon. There are also a few comics that I’ll be rereading for reviews once these novels are out of the way, and I’m pursuing a few cool interviews.

Ironically, my absence comes right after getting more attention than usual for my remembrance of Steve Gerber, including being declared one of the “slightly better-known bloggers” on comics, so I’d better live up to that.

Basically, look for March to be a bit more exciting.

PS: If you subscribe to the feed and clicked over thinking I might actually have put something worthwhile up for the first time in two and a half weeks, sorry.


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