Stumptown Starts Tomorrow!


Stumptown Comics Fest 2007!

So, I guess I haven’t been a very good comics nerd, because I’ve never been to a real comic book convention before. Sure, I love the semi-annual shindig at the Memorial Coliseum here in Portland, and when I lived in LA I went a couple times to the one at the Shrine, but both of those are dealer-oriented affairs. They only last one day, have no other events surrounding them, and have no panels and only a few artists with tables. I’ve had a great time at both of them and enjoyed finding that one back issue I couldn’t find anywhere else, but I’m really looking forwad to my first time at an artist-oriented weekend-long convention with all the panels, events and parties that go along with it.

Stumptown is Portland’s only such convention, which is really surprising when you think about the number of artists and companies that make Portland their home. Anyway, looking at the schedule of events, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m especially looking forward to panels for Mike & Laura Allred, Peter Bagge and Ted Rall, and several of the workshops look like fun, too.

So, as I was saying, it all starts tomorrow. The convention officially kicks off Saturday morning, but the official pre-show party is tomorrow night at Guapo Comics and Coffee, where I will be seen drinking, maybe drawing, definitely begging people for interviews for this site. Saturday and Sunday, I will be working the Top Shelf table at the con, so any readers should come and say hello. I can’t wait for everything to get started.


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