Truth, Justice and the American Way? In America?


It makes me very sad to see a generation of Americans coming of age, many of whom are never exposed in the public forum to traditional American values: doing right for its own sake, being responsible to a common spiritual authority, striving to create a world where opportunity truly is equal for all and where all of us — even the jaded — consider integrity a virtue.

Those of us who have worked in the fantasy and speculative fields tend, maybe for our own protection, to draw a very sure line between fantasy and reality. We don’t often think of ourselves as a community, as a group who have certain beliefs in common, but we do. We all believe in imagination. We all value intellectual curiosity. In a time when the absence of such virtues has propelled us to disaster upon disaster, it is up to us to bring the American character back to America.

Elliot S! Maggin is running for Congress in the California 24th and he’s running with the “Truth, Justice and the American Way” line. Which is smart. He’s a smart guy and I’m on board with his politics. He must know that “he writes juvenile comics stories” will be a line of attack and leads to some easy punchlines, so he’s doing the clever thing and getting out ahead of the story by embracing it. Plus, America really could use a little Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Check it out.


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